I feel that the money spent has been a good investment in Richard’s ability and just hope it gives him better results than he might otherwise have achieved. Your tutors have been great and me and my husband were impressed with the range of subject that you cover and the quality of your tutors. I am very grateful.  
Rachel Berry, Loughton

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 Dear Lesley, We are pleased to advise that Mary-Anne’s IB marks were good enough to enable her to get into her first choice of University [Lancaster]. She got a 7 in Maths [and has sent a note of thanks to Mick] and a 5 in German [as per her prediction]. Thanks again for all your help. 

Richard & Lynette, London


  I was very impressed that you went out of your way to help meet our request at short notice. Quality of service could not be better-excellent personalised tuition that really met the need and great feedback for next steps. Thank you.  

Juliette, Cambridge